What is the time lapse camera used for on construction sites ?

Time lapse photography is a method of capturing events in rapid succession. For example, a construction site would be an excellent subject for a time lapse photography project. The photographer would position themselves at the site for several hours and then capture the event in slow motion. The resulting image would show activities at the site progressing at different speeds. This method is ideal for displaying the passage of time and creating a sense of urgency.

Allows you to have a detailed rendering of the construction site

The shots from a construction site would be fascinating to watch; however, they'd be even more fascinating to watch in slow motion. The project workers would appear to be going on all night long. You can consult this website here, to have an overview. They'd run around with their tools, place bricks in rows and columns, and stand around talking. 

However, the passerby in the background would appear to be walking at normal speed. Additionally, the bricks being placed would move much more slowly than the people placing them. This effect would make it appear as if construction was never ending.

How to take beautiful shots in time lapse ?

The photographer would need to use a long lens so that people and objects in the background didn't appear distorted. After setting up their equipment, they'd wait until the workers completed their task. At this point, they'd capture several images of the workers in action. Then they'd switch to capturing images of the surrounding area. Depending on the time of day, there may be many passerby examples or just one person walking slow enough to show up in each photograph. 

As Construction Site Photo Day progressed, several sets of photographs would capture similar scenes at different times of day. A time lapse photograph takes years to complete- but takes only minutes to produce by a photographer. The photographer is essentially creating a movie or curriculum about a subject through time lapse photography. There are many types of settings and lenses used by photographers in this genre.