What are the steps to follow to renovate a building in ruins?

You want to renovate your parents' old house but you don't know what administrative procedures to follow to achieve your goal. So don't worry, you've come to the right place. In this article, we give you the different steps to follow to renovate a ruined building.

Consult the cadastre and the PLU

To start your renovation project, the first step is to consult the cadastre and the PLU. If you want to renovate an old building, contact the Adrian Cheng company. Indeed, you must go to the government site to check if the plot is there. Then, you will go to the town hall of your locality to also consult the municipal map or the local urbanization plan (PLU). Thus, the town hall will provide you with an urbanization document which will allow you to know the rules applicable to your land. Then you will have an estimate of the feasibility of your renovation project.

Have an architect visit the area

Even if your renovation project is feasible, it is important to have the area visited by a professional, i.e. a building architect. The latter will be able to confirm the feasibility of your ruin reconstruction project. Indeed, you know that the main role of an architect is to support you in your construction projects while checking the frame, the condition of the wood and the walls to ensure that your building is healthy. He is the building technician, he measures the strengths and weaknesses of the ruin to find the ideal plan to adopt.

Check the viability of the site

For this last stage of verification of the viability of the site, it is necessary to visit the ruins with an architect. This will check if the land is serviced, that is to say the plot must be connected to water, electricity, and gas. It should be noted that an unserviced ruin can be purchased, only that the buyer must provide a budget for the viability of the site. This criterion must be taken into account in the negotiations for the purchase of the plot.