What are the factors that determine the optimization time of a website?

A website works according to rules predefined by Google. One of these rules is optimization. Optimization allows a website to be well appreciated by customers and thus generate good traffic. But to do the optimization, Google takes time. This is due to certain parameters. This article informs you about the factors that determine the duration of optimization of a website by Google.

Performance of the website

The first criterion on which the duration of optimization of a site depends is the performance of this site. In fact, Google and the directory are in charge of checking the efficiency of your site to know if it is performing well or not. To do this, you must take the time to solve any problems that the website has. Without solving the problems that the website is facing, the SEO will take enough time, which is not good.

The age of the website

The age of existence of a site plays a big role in the optimization process of that site. In fact, when the site is very old, it shows that customers appreciate it. If not, it would already be closed. Also, old sites are well structured. To this end, optimization is done very quickly. On the other hand, if it is a recent site, the optimization takes time. In fact, Google makes prior checks before doing the optimization. This nature of Google towards new sites is due to the lack of trust it has towards them.

The size of the site

The size of a site is a determining factor in the duration of optimization. In fact, larger sites work better than smaller sites. They have backlinks and credible seniority. Also, large sites manage to rank their pages faster than new sites. That said, large sites are optimized more quickly than small sites.

The SEO budget

Another important parameter that should not be neglected is the budget acquired for the optimization. In fact, with a good budget, Google is able to control the speed and the way in which all the contents of the site have been prepared.