How to install a bathroom mirror?

Essentially present in the composition of modern showers, the mirror has become not only a decorative accessory, but useful for taking a shower. Its installation requires a certain skill and meets specific rules. We will give you more details in the rest of our text.

Tools and materials for installation

Before any manual work, you need to gather the right materials. For more information on mirror installation or any other type of useful topics, click here : navigate to these guys. For example, in installing a mirror, the parts required are as follows : 

● A caulking gun: for inserting the mirror into the wall, 

● Gloves : to protect hands from nicks and injuries ;

● Tape measure ;

● Pencil: for marking out measurements ;

● Safety glasses ;

● Pencil: for marking out measurements ;

● Safety glasses ;

● Spirit level. Regarding the materials, those used in the constitution of the shower mirror include ;

● Cleaning products ;

● Double-sided adhesive tape for mirror ;

● Masking tape ;

● Packing blocks; 

● Silicone We'll go into more detail about what each of these tools and materials are for.

Step by step shower mirror installation

Here is the process of installing a mirror in a few words, whether you are a professional or a DIYer. Indeed, the first thing you need to do is to prepare the back of the bathroom mirror. This is a thorough cleaning process that involves removing grime and dust from the wall with cleaning fluid and a soft cloth. Next, you need to proceed with the application of silicone-reinforced tape between the strips to give the whole thing more strength. The next step is to mark the edges of the outer contours of the mirror with the pencil and tape. Usually the shower mirror is installed just above the sink. Once the space is marked out, the mirror can be installed using the packing blocks for stability. The blocks are stacked on the bottom edge of the mirror and secured with tape. The mirror can then be attached without much difficulty.